Firelands Lutherans Active​ in Mission

Dinner Church, Anyone?

Sunday, January 15th, 5:30 p.m., Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. Sandusky


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Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission

We write it FLAMe and call it "flame"!

We are a coalition of north-central Ohio congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located on the historic Firelands Tract. We have been sharing ministry together since 2002, making Christ known and facilitating God's work on earth.

Our calling is to faithful witness and loving servanthood. Our shared mission is declaring the saving grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus, and showing unity in our service to the world. We believe God is calling us into that world – together.

God's Work. Our Hands.


203 S Washington St.
Castalia, OH 44824

Rev. Kathleen Suggitt

Sunday: 9 a.m.

209 South West St.
Bellevue, Ohio 44811

Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy

Saturday: 5 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m.

106 Scheid Rd.
Sandusky, OH 44870

Rev. Stacy Lauer-Scovanner

Sunday: 10:30 a.m.

2211 Mill St.
Sandusky, OH 44870

Rev. Merlin Jacobs, Interim

Saturday: 6 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m.

243 Benedict Ave.
Norwalk, OH 44857

Rev. Anita (Ann) Marshall

Saturday: 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8 & 10:30 a.m.

502 Bardshar Rd.
Sandusky, OH 44870

Rev. Philip Gardner

Sunday: 8 & 10:30 a.m.

930 S. Main St.
Huron, OH 44839

In the Call Process

Sunday: 8 & 10 a.m.

503 Columbus Ave.
Sandusky, OH 44870

Rev. Ralph Schibler, Interim

Saturday: 6 p.m.
Sunday: 8 & 10:30 a.m.


Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission (FLAMe)
Board Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2016


Present: Brent Gardner, Darlene Janka, Pr. Monty Kaufman, Bob Krawetzki, Barry Laird, Judy McEowen, John Mears, Karen Munsterman, Dee Ridenour, Barb Rohrbacher, Michelle Schaffer, Cathy Wobser,

Absent: Jan TerVeen, Lori Schlick, and Jane Ann Cummings

Devotion: Barry provided the devotion about putting our confidence in the Lord that included Psalm 118.

Minutes: The Secretary’s minutes from June 20, 2016 were approved after a typing correction. Motion to accept the corrected minutes: Bob, Second: Dee.

Financial Report: The report is unchanged from last month. The checking account has $3,261.90 and the savings account has $4,432.63. Motion to accept the treasury report was made by Judy, Second: Karen. Motion passed.



JOY Time: The group met in July with 16 present. Our next meeting will be on August 11th.

The Giving Garden: The Garden is looking great and growing well. Deliveries have been made to Huron’s Community Meal, Huron Food Bank, Cross Roads, and Salvation Army. Bob suggested each church go out and pick baskets of produce to take back to their congregations for sharing. Cathy asked if church picnics could get corn from the garden. Bob thought these would be good ways for our congregations to see how FLAMe’s hard work has paid off and perhaps encourage new workers.

Stephen Ministry: The class is taking the month of July off and will resume in August.



2017 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation: Cathy announced that she heard from the Firelands Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Topilow will be performing Mendelssohn’s “Reformation” on opening night in October of 2017. FLAMe will seek donations to help cover the cost of our sponsorship. John suggested that the secretary contact Zion’s Foundation, Zion, Waterville, and Thrivent Financial. Pr. Monty reported that a Catholic/Lutheran group continues to meet and hopes to set up discussions with small groups of eight or so to examine our relationships. Pr. Phil has purchased Anniversary Resources for Congregations Reformation 500 Sourcebook. This book includes a CD, hymns for the anniversary year, a movie list, “About the Lutherans” bulletin inserts, midweek Lenten Service, and more. See Pr. Phil if you would like to see this resource.

The Mission Summit, Moving Forward to Make Christ Known: The Dinner Church committee will be hosting a run through in late July. Several FLAMe Board members are planning to attend and will report in August. The Life Tree Café steering committee has contacted all member congregations to experience an actual Life Tree Café presented by Pr. Bruce Batchelor-Glader and the Port Clinton Trinity United Methodist Life Tree Café team. The theme is “To Heaven and Back” from the author of “Heaven is for Real”. Our congregations need to provide seating in groups of four, beverages, a TV/DVD, and a snack. Once it has been experienced, the steering committee hopes volunteers will be willing to join the committee and make Life Tree happen for FLAMe. The secretary was asked to send out an attachment to all congregations so that those who have not yet responded may choose a date.

FLAMe Banner: Discussion is on hold until we decide on a logo.


Rules and Governance Revision: The committee of Karen Munsterman, Michelle Schaffer, Lori Schlick, and Cathy Wobser presented proposed changes, simplifications, and updates to the final sections of the document. The Board approved the changes presented by the committee with a motion by Dee, second by Bob. Discussion followed concerning sending the document to all pastors when it is re-typed. Cathy will talk to Pr. Phil about the decorated copy that is displayed in all of our congregations. President Barb thanked the committee for its hard work.

Third Annual Erie County Recovery Walk The check was sent and Cathy provided the name change for our sponsorship to Joey Supina.

Lutheran Seminaries Campaign No news.

God’s Work. Our Hands. New event announced: Saturday, September 10th, Zion, Sandusky and St. Paul will join together to provide a breakfast to recognize both the Sandusky and Perkins first responders.



Catholic Charities Cathy shared notes from an informational meeting at St. Paul’s on the community services offered by Kristina Woods of Catholic Charities. An invitation was extended to all Board members to attend the July 19th meeting of the Sandusky Area Crisis Services meeting.

St. John’s announced the installation of their new pastor is September 7th at 7 pm and her first service will be September 11th . A reception will follow to welcome Rev. Stacy Lauer –Scovanner. All congregations are invited to welcome Pr. Stacy to FLAMe.

Zion announced that July 31st, Bishop Kinyunyu from the Dodoma Diocese will be speaking at both services, with a reception to follow. Due to the late date a quick email will be sent to all FLAMe congregations.

Pr. Monty announced that Pr. Marc Miller will be moving to Puerto Rico. Pr. Cathy Schibbler will be working with rostered leaders as a Portico coordinator for several regions. Portico is a ministry of the ELCA.

Judy brought to the floor the advent/lent devotionals. John made a motion to print 50 copies for each congregation, Cathy second. Motion passed. Judy will see if Carolyn Steinfeldt has time to assemble them again.

Zion, Huron announced that Pastor Mandy Oleson’s last Sunday will be August 7th. She will become a pastor at Salzburg International Christian church and also teach religion in the public school system of Austria. The FLAMe Board deeply regrets the loss of Pr. Mandy and the fact that another of our congregations must begin the call process.

Motion to adjourn: Motion by Karen, second, Bob was approved. The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.



Sunday, July 31: Zion, Sandusky Tanzania Bishop Kinyunyu at both services

Thursday, August 11: JOY Time, an evening of Christian ministry and fun for adults with disabilities, St. Paul, 6- 7:30pm.

Sunday, August 14: Experience Lifetree Café at Zion, Sandusky, 7pm

Monday, August 15: Experience Lifetree Café at Trinity United Methodist, Sandusky, 7 pm

Thursday, August 18: Blood Drive, St. Paul Lutheran. 2-6pm

Wednesday, August 24: Experience Lifetree Café at St. Paul, Sandusky, 7 pm

Thursday, August 25: Experience Lifetree Café at Trinity, Sandusky, 7 pm

Sunday, August 28: St. Paul will host an outdoor service at 10 am followed by the Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30

Monday, August 29: Experience Lifetree Café at St. Peter’s Norwalk

Saturday, September 10th: Zion, Sandusky and St. Paul, breakfast for first responders, 8-11 am.

Sunday, September 11: God’s Work. Our Hands. Service Sunday.

15th anniversary of 9/11. Please keep first responders in your project planning.

Saturday, September 17th: Third Annual Recovery Walk, 9 am-11 am Sandusky Artisians Center to Shoreline Park


Next month:

Devotion: Michelle

Date and Location: August15, 2016, St. Paul, 7 pm.   

Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission (FLAMe)
Board Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2016
Present: Jane Ann Cummings, Brent Gardner, Darlene Janka, Pr. Monty Kaufman, Bob Krawetzki, Barry Laird, Judy McEowen, John Mears, Karen Munsterman, Deanna Ridenour, Michelle Schaffer, Barb Rohrbacher
Absent: Jan TerVeen, Cathy Wobser
Devotions: Michele Schaffer – Misplaced Trust / Psalm 20:7
Minutes: Minutes from July 18, 2016 with corrections approved; Dee Ridenour moved, Brent Gardner second, all in attendance motion carried to accept corrected minutes.
Finanacial Report: The report is the same as July 18, 2016, with an updated report in September. No approval warranted for financial report, for there was no activity.
JOY Time: Last meeting there were 20 in attendance, with 9 attendees and 11 volunteers.  There was singing, Bingo, and snacks.
Giving Garden: Bob Krawetzki reported the next picking is Aug. 16, 2016 @ 8AM, and communication is needed to be given to the congregations for more multi-congregational support.
Stephen Ministry: No report
Pastors and Priests will be having a picnic to discuss commonality of communion, and organizing something together locally. 
Discussion of a possible joint choir at the 500th Anniversary celebration is in the works.
The Mission Summit: At the first Dinner Church meeting July 20, 2016 @ The Sandusky State Theatre had 20 attendees, with a lot of good feedback. No date yet for the next Dinner meeting, but are planning on having one once a month in the Sandusky area, and opened to all area churches.
Life Tree had available dates for presentations to the congregations. 
  • Zion Huron – 8/14/16
  • Trinity United Methodist – 8/16/16
  • St. Paul – 8/24/16 
  • Trinity Lutheran – 8/25/16
  • St. Peter Norwalk – 8/29/17
 It was noted that there should be enough volunteers to sustain Life Tree.
Discussion on the banner was held, but need to check w/Cathy Wobser about logo.  
Recovery Walk is September 19, 2016, the FLAMe congregations need to make sure it is In their bulletins and newsletters.
God’s Work Our Hands is being held September 11, 2016 throughout the FLAMe congregations. We are honoring the First Responders. 
Renewal of the web host was completed by Pastor Ray Vance to Web Hosting Hub. Bob Krawetzki moved, Brent Gardner second to reimburse Pastor Vance.  All in attendance, motion carried for reimbursement.
Mission statement / By-Laws finalization was to be sent to the pastors for review.  We need to check with Cathy Wobser if the copies were sent. Discussion was held, and it was decided all the FLAMe congregations will replace the decorated copies with the new ones on a designated Sunday.  All FLAMe board members are to double check where the decorated copies are displayed in their church. There should be a sample copy for the September 2016 meeting.
It was discussed that FLAMe needs to make sure to support the Firelands area, not just the Sandusky area.
Thank you was received from The Gathering.
7/24/16 Sunday – St. Paul; Sandusky outdoor service
7/31/16 Sunday – Zion; Sandusky Tanzania Bishop Kinyunyu at both services
8/11/16 Thursday – JOY Time @ St. Paul; Sandusky from 6PM-7:30PM an evening of Christian ministry and fun for adults with disabilities
8/14/16 Sunday – Zion; Huron    experience Lifetree Cafe’
8/15/16 Monday – Trinity; Sandusky experience Lifetree Cafe’
8/18/16 Thursday – St. Paul; Sandusky Blood Drive 2PM-6PM
8/24/16 Wednesday – St. Paul; Sandusky experience Lifetree Cafe’
8/25/16 Thursday - Trinity; Sandusky experience Lifetree Cafe’
8/28/16 Sunday – St. Paul; Sandusky Welcome Table 12Noon – 1:30PM
8/29/16 Monday – St. Peter’s Norwalk experience Lifetree Cafe’ 
9/10/16 Saturday – Zion; Sandusky & St. Paul; Sandusky breakfast for First Responders 8AM-11AM
9/11/16 Sunday – Grace; Castalia Invitation for First Responders to worship, Sunday School meet and greet w/children & touch the trucks, and dinner to follow *15th Anniversary of 9/11, please keep First Responders in your plans
9/17/16 Saturday – 3rd Annual Recovery Walk @ 9AM-11AM from Sandusky Artisans Center to Shoreline Park
9/25/16 Sunday – St. Paul; Sandusky Welcome Table 12Noon-1:30PM
Adjournment: Motion Lori Schlick / 2nd Karen Munsterman
Next Meeting / Devotions: September 19, 2016 @ 7PM at St. Paul; Sandusky / Barb Rohrbacher
Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission (FLAMe)
Board Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2016


Present:  Darlene Janka, Bob Krawetzki, Barry Laird, Judy McEowen, Karen Munsterman, Dee Ridenour, Barb Rohrbacher, Michelle Schaffer, Cathy Wobser, Lori Schlick, and Jane Ann Cummings
Guest: Rev. Stacy Lauer-Scovanner
Absent: Jan TerVeen
President Barb provided the devotion “It’s All Good”.
A motion was made to move our regular meeting to Monday the 26th due to a conflict with Dinner Church. The motion was made by Bob, second by Cathy. Motion passed by electronic vote. Two members stated they did not receive this communication. The secretary was not sure why that happened.
Minutes: The Secretary’s minutes from August 16, 2016 written by Barb were approved after a typing correction.  Motion to accept the corrected minutes: Dee, Second: Lori.  The secretary then shared two communications from Barry Gill. The first was a thank you for our sponsorship of the Recovery Walk and the second was a wrap up letter concerning the Giving Garden.
Financial Report: The checking account has $3,104.02 after payments for the FLAMe web page renewal and a sending gift to Pastor Mandy Oleson. The savings account has $4,432.63.  Motion to accept the treasury report was passed. There was a short discussion about churches that have not yet mailed in their 2016 dues.  A reminder letter will be sent.
Guest: Bob and Barry introduced our guest, Pastor Stacy Lauer-Scovanner. Pr. Stacy is St. John’s new pastor.
JOY Time: No grants have been written for 2017 and the group may need to fall back on FLAMe for full support.
The Giving Garden: The Giving Garden activities are completed for this year.
Stephen Ministry: The second team of care givers has one month of training remaining and will be commissioned on Sunday, October 30th.
2017 - 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation: Details have not yet been revealed by the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, but we know Opening Night in October 2017 will contain a Lutheran Reformation piece. Pr. Stacy had communications about a Joint Choir Activity in Fremont on October 30th and a hope for a possible Sandusky Joint Choir in October of 2017. There was no report, but the Board is aware of meetings to set-up a Catholic – Lutheran dialogue. Karen asked if St. John’s was interested in joining with them on this endeavor. Bob said St. John’s was looking at possibly connecting with St. Anthony’s in Milan.
The Mission Summit, Moving Forward to Make Christ Known: The Dinner Church met on September 19th at Sandusky State Theater’s State Room. Everything went well.  The committee is still working on the flow of the evening. Pr. Ann presided, Pr. Phil led Scripture. The evening consists of an opening with the breaking of the Bread, a meal, Scripture, prayer, and sharing of the wine. Over 33 attended the event. 
There was no Life Tree report.
Discussion followed about date conflicts with the FLAMe meeting night. There is another important Lutheran community meeting next month that conflicts with the FLAMe meeting.  It is difficult to keep changing our meeting dates so Board members can attend these events. Our Board consists of active members in the Lutheran community with many commitments to our home churches. The Board asks that churches and the Firelands Network committees please respect our meeting date of the third Monday of the month by not scheduling events on that night.
FLAMe Banner: Dee and Cathy will be getting prices and sample designs for a 6’ X 4’ two-sided banner from local companies. Cathy suggested we keep the logo to a simple flame design of the companies’ choice. Another suggestion was made to include the website on the banner. 
Rules and Governance Revision: The completed document will be mailed to all of our pastors and interims for review. There was discussion about making the signing of the document part of our 500th Anniversary celebration and inviting the Bishop. Cathy was asked to send a note to the Bishop inviting him to this future event.  
Third Annual Erie County Recovery Walk The event took place on September 17th in spite of rain. FLAMe was one of two faith-based sponsors and our name was clearly visible on the 400+ purple t-shirts distributed to the participants. Both Barry Gill and Pr. Phil from Trinity were involved in the program.
Lutheran Seminaries Campaign Three of our congregations had speakers from Trinity Lutheran Seminary at their Sunday service as part of the September “Support Our Seminarians” campaign. Envelopes were provided with the FLAMe name for donations. Several of our Board members were surprised because they had no knowledge of the campaign being approved by FLAMe and stated their congregations were never contacted to be involved. 
This led to a brief discussion about the FLAMe name being used without approval from the Board. President Barb offered to look into this and see where the miscommunication occurred.
God’s Work. Our Hands. Everyone felt the day went well. St. Paul and Zion, Sandusky made the local paper. 
Michelle provided everyone with postcard invitations to Norwalk St. Peter’s New Organ Dedication and Recital.
Advent Devotional Booklet. Judy said every congregation had their advent readings. Completed devotions are due to Carolyn in October. We will be welcoming Lutheran Memorial Home as new contributors to the devotional. Additional copies were added to our count to cover the LMHome.   
Congregational Visits. Barb brought to the floor the idea of the Board worshipping with our FLAMe congregations to again show unity and support. 
Shared Ministry. The FLAMe-wide Shared Ministry presentation conflicts with the Board’s October meeting. Rather than try to reschedule another Board meeting, it was decided to dispense with any business and make the shared ministry meeting our October Board meeting. If pressing business arises, an electronic vote can be taken.
Motion to adjourn: Motion by Lori, second, Cathy. Motion passed. `The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.
Wednesday, October 12th : Grace, Castalia Community Meal 5-6:30.
Thursday, October 13th: JOYTime, 6-7:30 @ St. Paul’s gym. This is an evening out for adults with disabilities.
Monday, October 17th, Shared Ministry presentation by LIFT @ St. Paul, 7pm.
Sunday, October 23rd  St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.           
Sunday, October 30th: St. Peter, Norwalk. New Organ Dedication and Recital by Mark Thewes, Organist-Director of  Music at Westbrook Park United Methodist Church in Canton, Ohio
Sunday, November 20: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.
Wednesday, November 23: St. Paul, Thanksgiving Service @ 7:00 PM
Sunday, December 18: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.
Next month: 
October 17th - Board will convene with the shared ministry presentation at St. Paul.
November 21st - St. Paul, 7 pm.   
Devotion: Cathy Wobser
Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission (FLAMe) 
Board Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2016 
Present:  Darlene Janka, Judy McEowen, Karen Munsterman, Dee Ridenour, Barb Rohrbacher, Michelle Schaffer, Cathy Wobser, Lori Schlick, and Jane Ann Cummings, Pr. Monty Kaufman, Brent Gardner  Absent: Jan TerVeen, Bob Krawetzki, Barry Laird,
Our meeting date conflicted with a shared ministry meeting held at St. Paul’s so the Board held an abbreviated business meeting.  We dispensed with the minutes and financial report.
Stephen Ministry: The second team of care givers has one month of training remaining and will be commissioned at Zion on a Sunday in November.
The Mission Summit, Moving Forward to Make Christ Known: The Dinner Church will meet again on Monday, October 24th at 6 pm in the State Room at the Sandusky State Theater.
FLAMe Banner: Cathy did not get quotes, but Dee shared prices and samples.  The Board made suggestions to the design.  
Rules and Governance Revision:  Cathy reported she has not yet sent our pastors the revised copies for their approval.
Third Annual Erie County Recovery Walk: Some confusion in our payment. Michelle will see that the check is sent.
Lutheran Seminaries Campaign: No one had made contact with John Bossert about the fund raiser and there has been no report as to how much was collected.
Advent Devotional Booklet:  Judy read a list of those who had missed the deadline.  Cathy sent a reminder to all representatives to be sure that the readings were sent back to Carolyn Steinfeldt.
New Domain Name: Cathy suggested we change our website domain name to reflect our name change.  The Board agreed to cover the nominal cost. Since Pr. Vance was at the shared ministry meeting we were able to give him the request that night.  He will see if  www.flame-elca.com is available.
The guest speakers were Pr. Jody Rice and Alan Weickert.  Both are active in a shared ministry called Living in Faith Together (LIFT). The challenge for Lutherans is that 80% of our churches find their attendance is down, 10% have flat attendance, and only 10% show any growth. The average age of members is 51 and the average age of our Lutheran pastors is 58.

According to Pr. Jody shared ministry encourages congregations to work together with greater efficiency, better stewardship, more resources for outreach, and transforms leaders and congregations.  Shared ministry does not mean church mergers.  Each congregation maintains its own identity and autonomy.  Financial contributions are according to each congregation’s means.  

In Fremont, the churches communicate, coordinate, and cooperate as partners in Christ’s ministry.  Some of the things Pr. Jody mentioned are joint Vacation Bible School, confirmation, Lenten services, and coordinated pastoral care.  

According to Mr. Weichert, the LIFT President, his congregation was spending everything it took in on maintenance.  So, Trinity, Fremont razed its 124 year old building.  Trinity remains a worshipping congregation, but without a building.  They now they worship at other facilities. Their resources can now go towards ministry, rather than the assets of a building and a parsonage. According to Weichert, shared ministry saved his congregation from dissolving.  

Pr. Jody also mentioned the grant application process.  LIFT has received over $150,000 in grants to help with their ministry.
President Barb spoke at the meeting reminding those present that FLAMe has already completed several projects as a shared ministry.  She mentioned our two Daybreak conferences, the Giving Garden, and JOY Time as examples.
Sunday, November 6: All Saints Day
Sunday, November 6: Trinity, Annual Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.
Monday, November 7: Grace, Castalia: Blood Mobile, 2:00 to 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 12-13: Trinity, Cardboard City Support FLAMe youth as they raise funds for the homeless.
Sunday, November 20: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.
Wednesday, November 23: St. Paul, Thanksgiving Service @ 7:00 PM
Sunday, November 27: Grace, Castalia, Annual Women’s Gathering at 6:00 pm. Brenda at 419-357-3672 for
Sunday, December 18: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.
Next month: November 21st - St. Paul, 7 pm.      Devotion: Cathy

Firelands Lutherans Active in Mission (FLAMe)
Board Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2016


Present: Bob Krawetzki, Barry Laird, Judy McEowen, Karen Munsterman, Dee Ridenour, Barb Rohrbacher, Cathy Wobser, Pr. Monty Kaufman, Brent Gardner, John Mears, and Jane Ann Cummings.  Absent: Jan TerVeen, Darlene Janka, Michelle Schaffer, Lori Schlick

The meeting was called to order by President Barb Rohrbacher. The October minutes, by motion of Dee Ridenour, second by Judy McEowen, were approved with corrections to the attendance.

Treasurer Michelle Schaffer submitted her report electronically. Checking: $3,275.30, Savings: $4,432.63. The report was approved with a motion by Karen Munsterman, second by Bob Krawetzki. Cathy Wobser presented a Thanksgiving devotion and poem emphasizing an attitude of gratitude.



JOY Time: Cathy reported Christmas gifts will be purchased and fliers for 2017 will need to be designed and printed.

Stephen Ministry: The second team of care givers was commissioned on November 13th at Zion, Sandusky. Inquiries have been received for another class. Training leaders Carolyn Steinfeldt and Cindy Schwab will take a break from instruction and possibly offer another class later in 2017.

Giving Garden: No report until spring. However, Bob shared a Good News story about a new member, who is a Master Gardener, and heard the news about the Giving Garden.



500th Anniversary Observance: Cathy shared that she had written confirmation that Living in Faith Together, formerly known as Lutherans in Fremont Together, or LIFT, has reserved the Sandusky State Theater for October 29, 2017, Reformation Sunday, for a Great Hymns of Faith Concert. LIFT will be inviting all area churches to join in the concert. Information from the Firelands Symphony Orchestra (FSO) was also shared. FLAMe will be a sponsor for the FSO’s Opening Night when the Reformation Symphony will be performed at our request. Discussion followed concerning dedication of the concert and the Board gave Cathy a list of questions to ask the FSO Director. She will report back to the Board at the January 2017 meeting. A motion was made to pay the $2500 concert sponsorship fee. Motion made by Jane Ann, second by John Mears. Motion passed without opposition. Another idea was presented to have a Progressive Dinner that would take us from church to church for a tour of our FLAMe churches. Cathy shared that Pr. Phil has organized a Catholic-Lutheran discussion in the Sandusky area for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Karen reported that Zion, Huron is still working to get some discussion going with St. Peter’s in Huron.

Dinner Church: The team is hosting a November 28th dinner at the State Room and a January meeting at Chet and Matt’s. The team is in the process of finding a permanent location and regular meeting date to promote this ministry to the de-churched and unchurched in the FLAMe area.

Lifetree Café: Brent reported this ministry is on hold until leaders and volunteers come forward.

FLAMe Banner: A motion was made by Jane Ann Cummings and second by Bob to approve the new 2.5’ x 6‘double sided, grommet banner from a company called New Designs. The banner is colorful, clear, and simple in design to hopefully eliminate any future changes. The motion passed without opposition.

Rules and Governance Revision: Discussion included a meeting with area pastors in early 2017 to share the changes and discuss the signing and church copies. It was suggested that this would allow more input than just emailing the document. It will also serve as our annual meeting with the pastors and allow the introduction of our new president. After discussion, it was decided that our January meeting would be used to discuss and plan a meeting in which we invite our FLAMe Pastors and Church Councils to attend. It was decided that the meeting will be held on Sunday, February 12th, at 6 pm.

Advent Devotional Booklet: Judy distributed the booklets to all congregations and the printing bill ($380) has been submitted to the Treasurer.



St. John’s announced that Pastor Stacy Lauer-Scovanner is willing to serve as our next pastoral advisor. President Barb brought it to the Board’s attention that the meeting was Pastor Monty’s last meeting to serve in this capacity. The Board thanks Pr. Monty for his service as FLAMe’s pastoral advisor. The Board thanked all current officers, especially President Barb Rohrbacher who will be stepping down from the presidency. President Elect Barry Laird invited FLAMe to meet at St. John’s, Scheid Rd. for 2017. President Barb asked for this item to be put to a vote. A motion was made by Brent Gardner, second by Bob. Discussion followed. The vote passed with six in favor, 3 opposed and one abstention.

Motion to adjourn: Jane Ann, second by Judy

Next meeting: January 16, 2017 - St. John’s, 7 pm. Devotion: Cathy



The Eastern Conference Women of the ELCA: Spring Gathering, April 8th at St. Paul, Sandusky. Fall Retreat, September 30th, Faith Lutheran Church, Fremont.

NEW!!! Throughout Advent on Wednesdays at noon: Zion, Sandusky, Chat & Chew, light lunch and Advent meditation.

NEW!!! Men in the Morning. The last Wednesday of every month this group meets at the Lunch Box in downtown Sandusky for opportunities for spiritual growth..

Friday, December 9, at 7:30 pm, Saturday, December 10, at 2:30 pm: Zion Sandusky: free concert. FIRELANDS CHORUS “Tis the Season”...with Jeffrey A. Kearney, director, and Moran Noon, accompanist.

Sunday, December 18: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.

Sunday, December 18: Zion, Huron, 6:30-8:30 pm, Lighting the Way, the Prayer Path Luminary Walk. Walk along the labyrinth and enjoy over a thousand luminaries that will light the path. There will be live music, both Celtic and Praise, and refreshments.

December 21st: Longest Night

Sunday, January 15th, Dinner Church, Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. Sandusky. Dinner Church is an ecumenical, non-conventional worship experience in a more casual setting. Time to be announced.

Sunday, December 18th, St. Peter’s Norwalk, Blue Christmas Worship Service, 3:00 p.m. Whether the loss is recent or of long-standing, all who are grieving are welcome to this quiet service of remembrance, candle-lighting and prayer.

Sunday, January 18th, St. Paul Lutheran, Sandusky, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Conference Women of the ELCA meeting

Sunday, January, 22: St. Paul, Welcome Table, community meal, open to all, noon-1:30.

Sunday, January 22, 2017: A COMMON PRAYER SERVICE among Lutherans and Roman Catholics location & time to be announced. This is during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and will recognize the historic commitment each church is making to heal the Body of Christ.

Sunday, February 12: St. John’s 6 pm all FLAMe Pastors and Church Council members are invited to a FLAMe meeting.




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What if we restored the practice of sharing a meal?

What if some folks who are passionate about making Church inclusive, engaging, caring, and empowering had dinner conversations within the celebration of Holy Communion?
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The pews are gone. The choir's quiet. The sermon's shelved.
But the Word is alive!
Join us at Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. Sandusky for Dinner Church on  Sunday, January 15th at 5:30 p.m.  Sunday, January 15th at Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. Sandusky Sunday, January 15th at 5:30 p.m. at Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. SanduskySunday, January 15th at Chet and Matt’s Pizza, 1013 E. Strub Rd. Sandusky Sound Interesting? Visit us or call 419-626-0204 or email us.